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Ambient Characters

Larger-than-life artists for roaming performances; complete with costume, makeup, and props such as: Stilts, Juggling Clubs, Hula-hoops, and more.


Stage Shows

Captivating presentation of all varieties of Circus Arts; nearly any prop or act imaginable, available in Fire or LED shows.


Event Services

Every celebration needs a DJ or Live music, and is greatly benefited by gorgeous dancers, impressive performers, Sound & Lighting, and proper management.

Cirque Quirk

Cirque Quirk, founded in 2012, aims to excite and delight audiences of all ages. We bring joy and wonder to our audiences through circus arts. Locally based in San Diego, many of the troupe’s members perform internationally.

Our goal is to bring our best and deliver the fun!

Cirque Quirk's Gone National
On ABC's The Gong Show!

ABC’s reboot of The Gong Show features incredible variety acts, including Cirque Quirk! We brought both our incredible robot characters, Hugh & Know Mann, and they had an epic dance battle.. Check out the video below take a look!

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Thank you for your interest in Cirque Quirk! We’d love to talk with you over the phone at (619) 800-1887. If you’d rather connect via digital means, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Latest News

We have some exciting new announcements upcoming! Projects including a "Rainbow LED robot" costume, yet to be named; and our own "Burning Man" costume as well; looking at around 100 points of fire running around on jumping stilts!
Happy Saint Patrick's day and keep in tune for more soon!

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As Nathaniel Douglas Allenby is traveling there won't be many posts here. But he is elated to share newfound learning and personal bests! One 7 ball trick is up to 118 catches, a different trick 39 (7 ball cascade still at 25 catches)! 2 brand new 5 ball tricks to be unveiled soon, much love to all our followers and fans! ...

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The Incredible Valentina performing her hula hoop burlesque act:

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Another new video for the New Year!
Some of our Stage Shows highlights!

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